2D -> 3D (PT.7)

This was a heavy duty week.  Luckily I had three public holidays this week and I'm only working part time anyway, so I had extra time to work. The extra time was needed.  I ended up creating a new set of wings because I just wasn't happy with how the other wings looked when they were folded.  I tried folding them in other ways but eventually decided that a different wing design would be best.  I ended up going with a more aggressive wing design based on scorpion flies.  This week we got into more technical stuff with Zbrush.  Decimating, Dynamesh, and Zremesher along with using alphas to get some texture and polypainting to add some color.  I worked right up to the last minute this week and still didn't get as far as I wanted.  I think it's starting to come together, but I'm looking forward to hitting this thing with some more wrinkles and skin texture and doing some more work on the paint.  After that, it will be time for some Keyshot renders.  I've never touched Keyshot, so, fingers crossed.