2D -> 3D (PT.3)

In our third assignment, I went in the wrong direction.  I screwed up and lost some believability in the character.  This is part of the process though.  Mistakes are educational.  My thinking was that I needed to get more of the dragonfly influence back into him.  I was worried that he was starting to look too much like the classic "gray" alien.  I did some exploration with the body proportions and some head sketches and played with some color options. Jerad pointed out that my finals had lost something and I had to agree.  Then I remembered something that Carlos had said to another student in one of my previous classes about how everything needed to "fit and flow."  But I had lost that in my newest version.  It wasn't as subtle as the sketch I'd done during the previous class so I would end up drawing it again as well as jumping into the first stages of Zbrush before the next class.