2D -> 3D (PT.2)

After some art direction from Jerad, we were instructed to further develop our three chosen concepts for week 2.  Here I started digging in to reference more deeply trying to get a better sense of believability.  No matter how fantastic the creature it needs to be grounded in something the viewer can relate to.  At this point, I'm almost trying to get it wrong as much as possible to get all the bad ideas out of the way. Exploration, iteration, asking "what if" a lot.  These aren't all the sketches I did but they're what I turned in for the assignment.  Eventually my humanoid was chosen as the one to proceed with and develop further with the option to also develop the carnivore.  Since I'm still pretty new to Zbrush though, I thought it best to just stick with the humanoid for now.  Better to have one good piece than two that I didn't get to spend enough time on.

I was really trying to figure out a way to make that second set of arms work with a modified pelvis as well as incorporate a double hinged mouth, similar to what you see in a dragonfly.  I ended up abandoning both ideas eventually, but at some point I'm going to create another character that uses the pelvis idea.  It's just going to need some refining and the right character to make it work.

Jerad brought up a great point with this creature in our previous class.  The head was mostly based on a gharial, a relative of alligators and crocodiles.  That head is built for quick, snapping attacks, and the original body I drew (left) was built for speed, pouncing style of attacks.  After some thinking and sketching, I went with a more reptilian body based on the gila monster and the alligator snapping turtle.

I did a ton of variations on the legs for this creature (most of them not shown).  I really wanted to give him insect inspired legs, but they just never quite worked.  He felt too "springy" and like his neck would snap if he had to run quickly.  So I eventually went with more giraffe like legs.  I also did a lot of exploration with his neck as well, trying to get to a more believable creature.

The sketch on the right I did during class (and a little after class) after getting feedback from Jerad.  I always listen to the critiques of all the other students in class because there's something to learn from everyone's work, but I also needed to strike while the iron was hot.