2D -> 3D (pt.1)

I'm about 5 weeks into another class.  This one is another character/creature class, again through

This time around the class is taught by Jerad Marantz https://www.artstation.com/artist/jsmarantz 
You've seen his work in TONS of movies and video games.  

This class I'm finally getting into Zbrush and exploring 3D a bit more.  Years ago I took an online class for Zbrush and loved it at the time, but in the final weeks of the class it became clear that my computer just couldn't handle the higher end functions of the program.  Time passed, I couldn't afford a new machine, new jobs requiring super long hours, things came up.... life happens.  But no more excuses.  I have the time (although I should probably be sleeping more) and my current machine should be able to handle whatever I'm going to throw at it.  This class was perfect timing for me. Having finished two 2D classes I've been feeling energized and wanting to push further into creature stuff, and I had just started re-teaching myself the basics of Zbrush when this class was announced.  We started in 2D and last week we started creating our designs in 3D.  I really love the design process and I'm looking forward to seeing how my design will translate into 3D.  I'll post my assignments for the first week here and the rest above, along with brief descriptions of the assignment and any insights or thoughts I might have.  If anyone sees this I hope it might prove useful to you in some way.  

Week 1 assignment was to design three sets of creatures.  Each set with 1 herbivore, 1 carnivore, and one humanoid. We also had to include our reference, but I don't think I'll bother including that here.

This first set was actually the one chosen for me to take further in week 2.

Set 2 was deemed a little too whimsical and set 3 was a little too unbelievable for this class so I moved on with set 1.  I have to say, getting direct, precise, professional feedback is so valuable and is really the main reason why I've been taking so many classes lately.  I can only do so much on my own, and all of the classes I've been taking are really starting to develop my own internal editor quite a bit.  

That's it for week 1 more to come.